List of prohibited goods and services

Here are listed, but not exhausted, the types of goods and services for which, UNDOORLY, it is prohibited to use products and services of the PAYSTO platform:
  1. Items of history and art that make up the cultural values ​​of the country in which the consumer is located;
  2. Used cosmetics;
  3. Counterfeit currency, counterfeit coins and counterfeit stamps;
  4. Narcotic substances and related products, description of drugs or narcotic substances;
  5. Electronic equipment prohibited in the territory of the consumer's country (for example, cable TV decoders, radar and traffic signal control devices, electronic surveillance equipment, eavesdropping devices and telephone bugs, etc.);
  6. Forbidden firearms, protective equipment, knives, pepper spray, replicas of firearms and electric shocks;
  7. State distinctive signs, government documents, uniforms, government identity cards and licenses, as well as goods related to the police (militia);
  8. Dangerous and perishable goods, as well as goods with restrictions in use (for example, explosives, radioactive materials, toxic substances, batteries, fireworks, freon, etc.);
  9. Human organs and remains;
  10. Goods that encourage illegal activities or incite others to engage in illegal activities;
  11. Devices for breaking and opening of locks;
  12. Lists for sending spam, as well as any information containing personal data;
  13. Multilevel marketing, pyramids and matrices, business packages;
  14. Offensive materials (for example, goods that offend morality, material, offensive ethnic or racial, commemorative Nazi items, products preaching violence, ethnic enmity, hatred, racism, offensive and abusive language and insults);
  15. Medicines and medicines, their derivatives, as well as raw materials for their production, prescription;
  16. Prohibited services (sellers are not allowed to offer or demand illegal and sexual services, as well as services that violate / contradict human morality);
  17. Gaming machines;
  18. The stolen property and property with the removed serial numbers;
  19. Poisonous herbs and forbidden seeds;
  20. Underground or illegal audio and video recordings;
  21. Counterfeit or counterfeit goods;
  22. Mod-chips, game emulators, boot disks and devices;
  23. Goods that do not have consumer value;
  24. Pornography, child pornography, perversion, escort services or prostitution;
  25. Auctions or trading systems that allow participants to conduct activities that exclude the transfer of goods, services or other products with a consumer value;
  26. Financial or payment instruments whose accounting systems do not provide proper identification of the owner's identity for the purposes of combating illegal trade, financial fraud, money laundering and money laundering;
  27. The list of goods whose free sale is prohibited is established by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of February 22, 1992 No. 179 "List of types of products and production wastes, the free sale of which is prohibited."
    These products, in particular, include:
    1. Precious and rare-earth metals and articles thereof;
    2. Precious stones and articles thereof;
    3. X-ray equipment, instruments and equipment using radioactive substances and isotopes;
    4. Poisons, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances;
    5. Ethanol;
    6. Medicinal products, except herbs;
    7. Medicinal raw materials obtained from northern reindeer breeding (panty and endocrine raw materials) (introduced by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation of November 30, 1992 No. 743-rp).
  28. In the presence of permits and licenses in the country of registration of the User, you must obtain a mandatory permission from the Paysto system administrator for the following types of goods:
    1. Tobacco products.
    2. Shares and other securities.
    3. Gambling (any kind of casino, games, including poker, roulette, bingo, baccarat, bookmaking - all kinds of bets on all kinds of events), lottery tickets.
    4. Financial instruments.
    5. Alcoholic beverages.

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