Access to products and services

This document defines your accessibility to the services of the PAYSTO platform.
If you do not comply with these requirements, you must cancel using PAYSTO and delete your account in the system.
The PAYSTO administration reserves the right to block access and / or delete an account of any user who violates these requirements, and any funds that are on the account of such a user may be frozen for 36 months from the date of entry of the sanction for violation. Please note that any costs incurred and / or losses due to violation of these requirements are payable by the user who violated these rules.
  1. PAYSTO services are available only for the following users:
    1. Companies (legal entities) are officially registered in any country of the world, except countries and territories included in the lists of offshore zones and FATF.
    2. Individuals are citizens of any country of the world, except for countries included in FATF lists.
  2. PAYSTO does not provide services to individuals and / or organizations that violate the laws of the country of registration, and whose activities are prohibited:
    1. activities directly or indirectly aimed at making profits and / or receiving other benefits through fraud, fraud or other unlawful means;
    2. activities are related to the dissemination of intellectual property without the appropriate permission of the right holder;
    3. distribution of software that contains computer viruses or other components that could harm the user or cause loss of information;
    4. dissemination of information that leads to unlawful acts, including information containing terrorist propaganda, propagating incitement to ethnic, racial or religious hatred, harm in any form, as well as information of prohibited content, including all types of pornographic materials;
    5. distribution of any kind of weapons;
    6. distribution of narcotic substances and preparations.
  3. PAYSTO services are not intended for use and / or not available in countries where it is prohibited by law. The user is fully responsible for determining such prohibitions and compliance with local laws;
  4. PAYSTO may, without giving reasons, refuse to provide services to any person or company.
  5. These rules can be changed by the PAYSTO Administration at any time, without prior notice

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